We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing single to multi cavity plastic injection moulds.

We work with you and your team throughout the project lifecycle, from initial concept to design, manufacture and tool try out at our Medical Component Manufacturing plant in Collooney, Co. Sligo.

We create both prototype and full production moulds on request. Prototype moulds are a cost-effective way to test a concept before investing in the production mould, ensuring no design flaws exist. This also allows for further iterations to be made in a cost-effective manner.

Injection Mould Tool

Tooling Complexity and Tight Tolerances

Tooling design, cavitation and the type of materials used, all impact tolerance. Complex parts may put tight tolerances at risk. Our moulding solutions are designed to extremely tight tolerances and can achieve a tooling accuracy of .002mm.

Our team can work closely with you to create custom injection mould design solutions. It is critical for us that when designing products, they meet the requisite quality standards which allow for the manufacture of moulds.

We are experts in over-moulding onto extruded tubing for medical devices. This has, and continues to be, a key area of focus for many of our clients. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to maximise efficiencies both in design and production, passing on the cost and time savings to our customers in the process.

lawrence engineering injection mould tooling

Tooling Synergies

We deliver a complete turnkey solution and like all good teams, everyone is clear about what role to play.

All tooling is laser engraved for ease of identification. Our after-care services include mould-servicing, spare part manufacturing and repairs.

Validation is a critical component of injection mould tooling, especially at the prototype stage where opportunity is given to debug parts, and tool try out ahead of manufacture.

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Tool Design

Our design team at Lawrence Engineering collaborate closely with the customer to ensure that the tool meets their requirements. DFM is key at this stage to ensure the optimal design for manufacturing. We will provide customers with a detailed 3D CAD design of the product and tooling for approval. If required, the tool can be put through a moldflow analysis to stimulate the injection moulding process and outline any potential issues. At this stage there is also the option of a 3D printed proof of concept.

Tool Manufacturer

Once the design is confirmed we can begin with the manufacturing of either the prototype or production injection mould.

Factory Acceptance Test

Once the mould is made, if required, we can carry out a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This test confirms that the new tool complies with all contractual specifications.


If required by the customer, we can offer a range of validation services in house (IQ, OQ and PQ).


Once the tool is validated, we can move ahead with the production of parts using the new mould.

Additional Solutions

Our capabilities extend to additional services, such as:

  • Over-mould applications
  • Mould flow technology
  • Rapid prototype manufacture
  • Laser welding
  • Coating applications
lawrence engineering injection mould tool

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