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Product Line Transfer Success in the Medical Device Industry

Successful product line transfers bring significant benefits to medical device OEMs. This includes getting your products to market faster and allowing you to focus on your key strengths, including R&D, product innovation, and serving your customers. You can also reduce operational risks, improve manufacturing performance, and reduce costs. The big question is how can you ensure product line transfer success?

After all, you are placing a significant amount of trust in a third party when you outsource the production of your product. The following best practices will help ensure you achieve success.

Partnership Approach

Product line transfers achieve the highest levels of success when there is a partnership approach. Our focus at Lawrence Engineering, for example, is to build strong relationships with our medical device OEM clients based on trust, open communication, and transparency, where we become an extension of your team.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Issues will inevitably occur if a contract manufacturer can only handle part of your requirements. Therefore, the best approach is to partner with a manufacturer that offers a comprehensive range of services. This includes services you might not need now but may have a need for in the future.

At Lawrence Engineering, we have developed our manufacturing services so we can be your single-source supplier covering everything from tooling and moulding to cleanroom manufacturing and assembly. We also provide engineering services if product revisions, updates, or optimisations are required.

The Right Expertise

The manufacturing services provider that you partner with should not only have manufacturing experience, but also experience manufacturing in the medical device industry.

Working with a manufacturer like Lawrence Engineering that specialises exclusively in the medical device industry is the best approach. Other expertise requirements that we believe are essential include:

• High-quality standards across the board.
• Transparent and effective supply chain management.
• Strong testing capabilities.
• Customer-focused approach.
• Committed to continuous improvement.

Detailed Implementation Plan

Product line transfers in the medical device industry require careful and detailed planning managed and overseen by experienced project managers. In the early stages of the project, for example, there should be reviews of documentation, current stock levels, and the supply chain. Testing and quality control processes and expectations should be defined, and risks should be assessed.

These are just some of the elements that our project managers at Lawrence Engineering include in the product line transfer implementation plans that we develop.

Regulatory Compliance & Quality Assurance

A solid understanding of compliance requirements, product quality standards, traceability, and patient safety are all essential for any manufacturer who is partnering with a medical device OEM.

At Lawrence Engineering, , as part of our extended team we have in-depth knowledge of FDA regulations and the EU’s MDR. We also have certified Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing facilities .

Flexible and Modern Production Capabilities

The product line transfer partner that you choose should take a flexible approach to the delivery of manufacturing services to ensure the transfer process and ongoing production meets your operational and product requirements. This is the approach that we take at Lawrence Engineering.

We also aim to reduce inefficiencies in the manufacturing process as part of the product line transfer project as well as during ongoing production.

Lawrence Engineering: Your Product Line Transfer Partner

At Lawrence Engineering, we can make your product line transfer project a success. To find out more about our medical device manufacturing and assembly capabilities, and to discuss your requirements and the objectives you want to achieve, please get in touch with us today.

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