R&D Capabilities

Introducing Our R&D and Prototyping Services

Looking for a partner to help bring your pioneering new medical device to market? Look no further than Lawrence Engineering, where we understand the critical importance of precision and innovation in the medical industry.

With our comprehensive R&D and prototyping services tailored exclusively to your needs, we’re here to accelerate your journey from concept to market-ready product.

How can we assist?

Below you will find how we can assist at you at every stage of the development process.

Design and DFM (Design for Manufacturability):
We can provide expert design and DFM input from the get-go. Our team of expert design engineers collaborate closely with you to refine your product design and ensure optimal manufacturability. We understand that efficiencies are key in product development, and we optimise the designs for seamless production, minimizing costs and ensuing long term efficiencies.

3D Printing:
Visualize your ideas in real-time with our 3D printing capabilities. Using 3D printing, we can create rapid prototypes, allowing you to better understand and refine your product designs with ease. 3D printing allows you to clearly see where improvements can be made and then iterate designs rapidly as required.

Insert Mould Creation:
We understand that cost savings are a top priority during the R&D stage, which is why we offer insert mould creation services, eliminating the need at this stage to invest in the full production moulds. Leveraging our in-house mould bases, we create inserts tailored to your specifications, enabling you to test and iterate your products efficiently. This is a great option at the development stage, as it allows you to properly test your product, but it is a huge both cost and time saving option.

Injection Moulding Production Runs:
Take your prototypes to the next level with our injection moulding capabilities. From test runs to small-scale production, our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision and consistency every step of the way. Should any modifications be required to the design or mould, our dedicated highly equipped toolroom enables swift adjustments, keeping your project on track for success.

Our dedicated team can assemble and pack the various components in our dedicated Class 8 ISO certified cleanroom. Alongside this we can conduct thorough product testing, including leak testing, aging studies, and more. Some additional capabilities include ultrasonic, RF, and heat welding.

Partner with Lawrence Engineering and unlock the full potential of your medical device innovations. From concept to commercialisation, we’re committed to turning your vision into reality, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Elevate your medical device solutions with unmatched precision

Harness the unmatched precision and quality Lawrence Engineering provide to take your ideas to new heights. Partner with us to create medical device solutions that redefine excellence.