Annual Polymer Conference

Insights from the Annual Polymer Conference: Advancements in Recycling and Manufacturing

Our Operations Manager, Michael Lawrence, attended the Annual Polymer Conference last Thursday, 18 April in the Hodson Bay in Athlone. The event is organised by Polymer Technology Ireland and First Polymer Training.

This was the first time that we attended this event and we found it to be a very valuable with a lot of great presentations from leading names from across the plastics industry.

The day featured insightful presentations from leading figures in the plastics industry, with recycling and the circular economy being highly featured throughout the day. The has really become a hot topic in the industry, and there is a lot of research going on at present focussed on different ways of using recyclates in injection moulding, and what are the different challenges that comes with this. Given the regulations and requirements in the medical device industry, this can be more challenging and with a slower progress than in other industries, but progress is being made, and there are different circular practices that can be implemented. Despite the complexities, progress is evident, and innovative circular practices are emerging. Donough McGrath’s presentation on the Defined Use of Post Industrial Recyclate in Medical Device Applications provided valuable insights into ongoing research at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care on this topic. We look forward to future developments within both the polymer and medtech industry, to improve the circularity of the industry.

Additional topics discussed included smart moulds with conformal cooling, updates on hot runner and the application of AI in plastic moulding and manufacturing. These discussions shed light on opportunities for improved efficiency and innovation across industries. Overall, the conference highlighted a promising future for the industry, characterized by greener and more efficient practices.

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