30 years

Celebrating 30th years of dedication: John Brennan

Today we celebrate an important milestone, as we honour John Brennan, who has been an integral part of Lawrence Engineering for the last 30 years. John, the second-ever employee of our company, has played a vital role in our journey and has witnessed significant transformations within our organization.

John joined Lawrence Engineering when it was just an out building behind Michael Lawrence’s residence. Over the last 30 years he has been a first-hand witness to the substantial growth and evolution of our business. The first major change was the move to the current purpose build plant in Loughill. vividly remembers seeing the blueprints for the new building, which was more than five times the size of the space that they were in at the time. This expanded space rapidly filled with advanced machinery and a growing workforce, eventually undergoing four further expansions.

Reflecting on the transformation, John expressed his amazement at the establishment of the Class 8 cleanroom facility in Collooney, a development that would have been inconceivable three decades ago. Although he couldn’t have imagined it at the time, he further noted that this move doesn’t surprise him, as this forward-thinking approach has been a hallmark of Lawrence Engineering, with a consistent commitment to growth and investment in the business.

When asked about the most significant changes he has witnessed since joining the company, John pointed to the advancements in machinery. “The tolerances nowadays are much higher than they were 30 years ago. This is not just in terms of what we can do, but also what is being asked of us from customers”.

When Lawrence Engineering invested in the Rollomatic NPS grinding machine in 2019, John was delighted when he was tasked with running this machine. When asked about what makes this machine different he said “The precision and efficiency of this machine are unparalleled, enabling us to achieve levels of accuracy and substantial time savings that were previously beyond our reach.”

And finally, when asked what he values the most about working at Lawrence Engineering, his answer was “the people”. “Lawrence Engineering is a place of mutual trust and respect. This can be seen across the whole business, from leadership to colleagues on the plant floor. Everyone is willing to lend a hand, and I have complete trust in and reliance on all my colleagues”.

As we celebrate John’s remarkable 30-year journey with us, we express our deepest gratitude for his contributions to the company’s success. We eagerly anticipate many more years of collaboration and shared achievements with him.

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