A Strong Partnership: Marvao Medical’s Collaboration with Lawrence Engineering

Marvao Medical, are a medical device company based in Galway, who specialise in the design and manufacture of a range of medical devices for distribution in the US market.

Over the years they have purchased tooling from Lawrence Engineering. Once they heard about our new cleanroom manufacturing capabilities, they promptly arranged a visit to the new facilities, and the relationship quickly developed from there.

A Collaborative Approach

Over the past few months, Marvao Medical and Lawrence Engineering have joined forces on an exciting project. Marvao Medical, in conjunction with Gilero in the US, are developing a new product, with Lawrence Engineering taking on a pivotal role in manufacturing two essential assemblies for the final product.  Both assemblies require Lawrence Engineering to perform an initial overmoulding step followed by additional downstream bonding processes needed to complete the sub-assembly. The collaborative nature of the project means that the Marvao Medical team are regularly onsite in Sligo, and this close working relationship means that any issues can be quickly resolved, and the project progressed.

Praising the Partnership

When asked about the most significant benefit of working with Lawrence Engineering, Chris Davey, Managing Director of Marvao said “The quality of the people. The can-do attitude. And the resources. Lawrence Engineering already have impressive capabilities in 2022,  and I see them expanding steadily as they take on more projects in 2023 and beyond ”.

Expanding Success

The initial project’s resounding success has led Marvao Medical to entrust the manufacturing of a line extension of a previous product to Lawrence Engineering. Comparing Lawrence Engineering to other suppliers, Chris Davey had this to say “The quality and delivery are always excellent. I am never worried about the result from Lawrence Engineering; it is 100% every time”. This endorsement speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction Marvao Medical has in its partnership with Lawrence Engineering.

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