Precision and Partnership: iVascular’s Collaboration with Lawrence Engineering

We spoke with Joan Besoli, Head of the molding and extrusion department at iVascular to learn more about their experience working with Lawrence Engineering.

Founded in Barcelona in 2010, iVascular is a leading developer and manufacturer of catheters, with a keen focus on three critical domains: neurovascular, coronary, and peripheral. iVascular manufacturer all their products in-house, with Joan responsible for the plastics division of the business.

Meeting Precision, Tolerances, and Material Expertise

The relationship between the two companies was established two years ago, when iVascular was dissatisfied with the quality and accuracy of the balloon mould tooling locally and were looking for a new supplier. When discussing his frustrations with an industry colleague, he was directed to Lawrence Engineering, and the relationship has developed from there.

Lawrence Engineering quickly emerged as a trusted partner that could deliver the precision, tolerances, and material knowledge required for manufacturing the tooling essential to iVascular’s product range. The fact that Lawrence Engineering are fully dedicated to the medical device industry means that they do not need to explain the manufacturing process, streamlining the process.

A Seamless Partnership

When asked about his experience working with Lawrence Engineering, Joan expressed his satisfaction with the relationship, emphasizing the quality of parts produced by Lawrence Engineering. Weekly communication with Eoghan Ross, Export Sales Manager at Lawrence Engineering, provides swift solutions to any issues that arise, eliminating project delays. Due to the internal design knowledge within Lawrence Engineering, when looking for new parts, iVascular can simply provide the dimensions required, eliminating the need to send detailed drawings.

Joan highlighted, “The biggest benefit is the knowledge and know how of medical device tooling, as well as the delivery times. We can expect the same delivery time from Ireland as from local suppliers in Spain” This testament speaks volumes about the reliability and expertise that Lawrence Engineering brings to the table.

The future holds the promise of a continued, successful partnership between iVascular and Lawrence Engineering.

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