Building Success through Collaboration: Fearsome’s Journey with Lawrence Engineering

We spoke with Vhairi Maxwell, Senior Product Design Engineer at Fearsome, about her experience working with Lawrence Engineering.

Fearsome: A Force in Medical Device Development

Fearsome is a UK-based end-to-end product development and design company specialising in medical devices. Their involvement spans the entire product development cycle, from initial design to production and market launch. Given the multifaceted nature of their projects. Fearsome work with various external suppliers throughout the various development stages. Once they move to the testing phase, this is where they need suppliers like Lawrence Engineering to work together on the creation of robust protypes, that accurately represent final product.

The Challenge of Flexibility

During this testing phase, product adjustments are frequent, demanding a level of supplier flexibility that can be hard to find. Last year, after being let down by a supplier, Fearsome urgently needed to find a new tooling supplier at very short notice. An industry colleague suggested that they reach out to Lawrence Engineering, and the relationship has developed from there.  

A Crucial Partnership

Lawrence Engineering has been supplying machined plastic and metal parts for a surgical device that Fearsome are currently working on. Reflecting on the partnership, Vhairi shared “We know that when working with Lawrence Engineering, they will always do what they can to meet the tight deadlines and requests”.

The Key to Success: Responsiveness and Collaboration

Due to the dynamic nature of the work of Fearsome, there has been a lot of tweaks to the design as the product progresses, but this has not been a problem. While challenges arising from Brexit have introduced logistical hurdles, they’ve also presented an opportunity for both teams to learn and adapt.

When asked about the biggest benefit of partnering with Lawrence Engineering, Vhairi said “I can tell that Lawrence Engineering are always busy, but despite this, they always make the time for their customers and look at issues. There is a high level of responsiveness from the team, and they are always willing to discuss the design, and work together to find the best solution, which in turn leads to better products”.

A Promising Future

The future holds the promise of ongoing collaboration as Fearsome and Lawrence Engineering continue to work together on future projects. Their successful partnership is a testament to the power of responsiveness, flexibility, and a shared commitment to excellence.

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