Empowering medical innovation through engineering precision.

At Lawrence Engineering, we deliver exceptional value and service to our customers in the medical device industry through continuous process improvement, innovation, and a relentless focus on quality.

Whether you’re in need of custom moulds, precision-engineered tooling and components, or a complete turnkey solution, from mould and tool design through to cleanroom manufacturing, we have the expertise and resources in-house to provide a rapid turnaround to ensure you achieve your goals.

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By collaborating closely with our clients, we simplify the entire process to ensure seamless integration at every step and offer solutions that minimise risk, reduce time-to-market, and optimise the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

Together, we pave the way for transformative advancements in the medical device industry, delivering tangible results that propel our customers toward their goals.

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Our services

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Precision Engineering

We simplify the design and manufacture of new tools and parts with our in-house design capabilities which include design for manufacture, our state of the art high-end machinery, competitive and transparent pricing structure, a clear customer focus and the ability to offer a quick turnaround and lead times on your projects. Mould tooling, extrusion tooling and jigs & fixtures are among our areas of expertise.

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Medical Component Manufacturing

We manufacture a wide range of medical device components in our purpose-built Class 8 cleanroom. These include medical devices from catheters and delivery systems to medical mouldings. Injection moulding, micro-moulding, insert moulding and over-moulding are among our capabilities. Bespoke validation services are also offered based on your requirements.

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Why Lawrence Engineering?

More about us

Our experience is unrivalled. Our passion for improving patients’ lives is unmatched. Our primary focus and knowledge derives from working with clients within the medical device sector.

Over 40 years’ experience exists within our team, designing and manufacturing precision tools and moulds. Throughout this time, we have built a solid reputation as a highly skilled partner of choice for leading medical device manufacturers from around the world.

At Lawrence Engineering we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality, leveraging the experience and expertise of our team. We are open, honest and transparent, and collaborate closely with our customers, helping you achieve your goals.

Your success is our success.

Our manufacturing process

At Lawrence Engineering, we provide a full range of services for clients seeking to source, design and manufacture medical tools and components. We cover all areas of the product lifecycle – from project concept and design, tool manufacture and metrology, through to full tool validation and cleanroom manufacturing.

Tool Design

Our design team at Lawrence Engineering collaborate closely with the customer to ensure that the tool meets their requirements. DFM is key at this stage to ensure the optimal design. We will provide customers with a detailed 3D CAD design of the product and tooling for approval. If required, the tool can be put through a moldflow analysis to stimulate the injection moulding process and outline any potential issues. At this stage there is also the option of a 3D printed proof of concept.

Tool Manufacture

Once the design is confirmed we can begin with the manufacturing of either the prototype or production mould.

Factory Acceptance Test

Once the mould is made, if required, we can carry out a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This test confirms that the new tool complies with all contractual specifications.


If required by the customer, we can offer a range of validation services in house (IQ, OQ and PQ).


Once the tool is validated, we can move ahead with the production of parts using the new mould.

Our medical device expertise

At Lawrence Engineering, we partner with companies of all sizes, from global medical device manufacturers to startups and design houses – on large and small scale projects. Our full turn-key solutions push the boundaries of what is possible in the medtech space, delivering exceptional quality, innovation and design.

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our medical device expertise

What our clients are saying about us

“I can tell that Lawrence Engineering are always busy, but despite this, they always make the time for their customers and look at issues. There is a high level of responsiveness from the team, and they are always willing to discuss the design, and work together to find the best solution, which in turn leads to better products”.
“The biggest benefit of working with Lawrence Engineering is the quality of the people, the can-do attitude and the resources. Lawrence Engineering already have impressive capabilities in 2022, and I see them expanding steadily as they take on more projects in 2023 and beyond ”.
“The biggest benefit is the knowledge and know how of medical device tooling, as well as the delivery times. We can expect the same delivery time from Ireland as from local suppliers in Spain”
“We have been working with Lawrence Engineering since 2005, and have developed a great relationship over the years. We keep going back to them as they provide great precision work, that’s right first time”.
“Having worked with Lawrence Engineering for the last 15 years, one of the main things I value about them as a supplier is their willingness to achieve what is required. Their design and manufacturing feedback and suggestions ensure we get the best possible product”.
“I had heard of Lawrence Engineering through word of mouth in the industry, but once I visited the site I was blown away by their capabilities. They are one of the best kept secrets in the industry”
“ Lawrence Engineering are one of the consistently good suppliers I’ve dealt with over the years. I know I can trust them, and when they say they do something it will be done”.
“Lawrence Enginnering provide exceptional customer service. When working with them, they provide clear clarity on the plans and timelines upfront and there is regular communication throughout the project”.
“I have worked closely with Lawrence Engineering over the last 2 years both for precision tooling and cleanroom manufacturing and they have proven consistently reliable. The relationship and trust we have built over time is of high value to me. Their work is always of the highest quality standards and is consistently delivered on time, or ahead of schedule”.

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